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Bookmarklet to easily use on Flickr

Whoever may be the guy behind (I couldn’t find any about page on this site nor any reference to him on Flickr), he did in my opinion the best “view on black” service for Flickr.

Yet, I was missing a bookmarklet to easily make a link to it. Now here it is :

(just drag and drop the above link onto your bookmarks bar)

Edit : now here’s a bookmarklet that’s even more useful if you want to put a link on your own photo :



Thanks to Bookmarklet Builder for the amount of time it saved me.

Bookmarklets pour Marche ou crève

Pour faciliter le vote et le taguage sur les photos soumises à Marche ou crève, vous pouvez utiliser les deux bookmarklets suivants :

Pour vous en servir, quelques croquis valent mieux qu’un long discours :

Merci de me verser 0,05€ par minute de vie gagnée.

Picasa HTML templates and LPWDLPT

I recently contributed to a Picasa users group a list of cool free HTML page templates for Picasa. Read it and enhance it !

Other than this, until now, my Picasa HTML page template of choice was SimpleViewer. Very cool, but its main drawback is it’s not suited for more than 50 pictures. Above this figure, it brings visitors’ web browsers to their knees. Also, it uses Flash, and I favour DHTML / Ajaxish stuff when possible.

I then discovered Lightbox Photo Gallery and Slideshow, which is cool, but doesn’t resize images wich are larger than the browser’s display (or rather, it forces pictures to a small size, even if you instruct Picasa to make a page with large pictures).

So I decided it was time for me to make my own template. I discovered Lightbox Plus, that does the resizing job, and stuffed it into the aforementioned template; also added a download link under every picture in order to instruct newbies on how to download it. LPWDLPT (Lightbox Plus With Download Link Picasa Template) was born. Cool name, huh? 😉


and enjoy.

Feedback / bug reports / features requests welcome.

Flickr Gamma: much less flash

Yes, not only is Flickr’s brand new layout (tagged gamma, ah ah! they can spell in greek) much richer in functions yet easy to handle, but the new Organizr is flash-free!! 🙂
Yeah, pure DHAJAXTML 2.0, baby! Impressive.
Oui ! non seulement la toute nouvelle interface (libellée gamma, oh les hellénistes distingués !) est plus riche en fonctions tout en restant intuitif, mais le nouvel Organizr est sans flash !! 🙂
100% DHAJAXTML 2.0 pur ammoniaqué ! Impressionnant.

Wet rocks

Some nice picture in this blog of geekery. 🙂