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Waking up this asleep unblog to say that I’m this week’s guest one the excellent musical blog “Song of the Day“. Pearls to be discovered very often (and not only this week, huh 🙂 ).

Easily run Notepad++.exe instead of Notepad.exe on Windows 7

Well, the following download allows you to easily do so.

I assembled this stuff  based on the information provided by rubinx.
Should work with all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 (but only tested on Windows 7).


  • Download
  • Uncompress anywhere
  • Right-click on “_Register Notepad++ParamProxy.cmd” and choose “Run as administrator”

That’s about it.

  • Make it works even if Program Files is not on drive C
  • Make it work with 64-bits editions


  • v0.1 2010-08-30
    + First release

Google is the new Microsoft

…yes, Google has become Microsoft.

Okay, there are 2 differences:

But yet, I stay away from Google services as much as I can.

Bookmarklet to easily use on Flickr

Whoever may be the guy behind (I couldn’t find any about page on this site nor any reference to him on Flickr), he did in my opinion the best “view on black” service for Flickr.

Yet, I was missing a bookmarklet to easily make a link to it. Now here it is :

(just drag and drop the above link onto your bookmarks bar)

Edit : now here’s a bookmarklet that’s even more useful if you want to put a link on your own photo :



Thanks to Bookmarklet Builder for the amount of time it saved me.

Bookmarklets pour Marche ou crève

Pour faciliter le vote et le taguage sur les photos soumises à Marche ou crève, vous pouvez utiliser les deux bookmarklets suivants :

Pour vous en servir, quelques croquis valent mieux qu’un long discours :

Merci de me verser 0,05€ par minute de vie gagnée.

Easily edit the HTML in your Outlook documents

Long long long ago, I found a macro on the web which has been very useful many times in my MS Outlook life. This macros lets you edit the guts (understand : the HTML code) in an HTML mail very easily.

Recently, I had to reinstall it, and couldn’t find any trace of it on the web. Fortunately, I could grab it from some ancient backup.

So, here it is, if you know who made it I’ll be glad to give credits to its author :


And a little treat : here’s a basic tutorial on how to set it up :

Yes he did

Barack Obama in front of the Capitol

Congrats, Mr Obama. At last a bit of hope from the USA.

Moody song.


…c’est le nom de cette vidĂ©o :

Mettre des photos de Picasa vers Flickr en 2 clics

C’est pas des blagues, la preuve par l’image :

Flickr button on Picasa

Comment faire ?

1. téléchargez et installez Picasa (of course !)

2. téléchargez Flickr Uploadr

3. installez Flickr Uploadr, puis prenez bien soin de le démarrer et de cliquer sur le bouton Connexion (pour vous authentifier auprès de Flickr)

4. quittez Picasa et Flickr Uploadr si ce n’est dĂ©jĂ  fait

5. cliquez sur ce lien pour installer le bouton dans Picasa (merci, Picasa2Flickr 🙂 )

6. acceptez l’importation du bouton :

7. ajoutez le bouton Picasa2Flickr dans vos boutons actifs :

C’est fini ! Maintenant, Ă  chaque fois que vous appuierez sur le bouton Send to Flickr Button in Picasa, cela ajoutera la(les) photo(s) dans la file d’attente de Flickr Uploadr, dans lequel vous n’aurez plus qu’Ă  dĂ©finir vos paramètres pour les photos (famille, amis, publique, tags etc.) et Ă  cliquer sur le bouton

Unequality in digital wealth

This graph from Mozilla is worth a thousand words :

Stats from Mozilla displaying Firefox 3 downloads for each country, worldwide.

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