Picasa HTML templates and LPWDLPT

I recently contributed to a Picasa users group a list of cool free HTML page templates for Picasa. Read it and enhance it !

Other than this, until now, my Picasa HTML page template of choice was SimpleViewer. Very cool, but its main drawback is it’s not suited for more than 50 pictures. Above this figure, it brings visitors’ web browsers to their knees. Also, it uses Flash, and I favour DHTML / Ajaxish stuff when possible.

I then discovered Lightbox Photo Gallery and Slideshow, which is cool, but doesn’t resize images wich are larger than the browser’s display (or rather, it forces pictures to a small size, even if you instruct Picasa to make a page with large pictures).

So I decided it was time for me to make my own template. I discovered Lightbox Plus, that does the resizing job, and stuffed it into the aforementioned template; also added a download link under every picture in order to instruct newbies on how to download it. LPWDLPT (Lightbox Plus With Download Link Picasa Template) was born. Cool name, huh? 😉


and enjoy.

Feedback / bug reports / features requests welcome.

13 thoughts on “Picasa HTML templates and LPWDLPT

  1. Great looking Picasa template, I want to use it but it stuffs up accented characters like ö ü etc. For instance KÖLN appears as KÃ-LN in Firefox 2, IE7. Not sure why, maybe the encoding? charset=iso-8859-1

  2. Yes, I suffer from this too (french has lots of accent too, like in “déjà”) ; IIRC, all Picasa templates which I have tried mess up accents; now, I’m open to any workaround if soemone knows one.

  3. What I did was replaced the characters in index.html with their respective HTML entities e.g. Ö becomes Ö, ö becomes ö etc. déjà becomes déjà
    Don’t know if there’s some library out there that can do that automagically for you.

    Otherwise I think it’s the encoding, because in my HTML editor the characters display fine, it’s only when rendered by the browser that they go titsup.

    I’ll keep looking.

  4. GOT IT! index.html is created in Unicode format, the XML standard, but the meta tag says it’s charset=iso-8859-1, change that to charset=utf-8 and it should work!

  5. Thanks for excellent template. Like other users, I have problem with non-ascii characters generated by Picasa (e.g. e-acute, copyright, times) and have to edit them before uploading pages, but that’s liveable with.

    My screen is 1280×1024. I normally use Firefox myself, and the site is nicely rendered by FF, but on IE 6 some rows only have one thumbnail instead of four. Any idea why this might be? I haven’t yet tested with other monitors or other resolutions. (No idea what IE 7 does because I won’t install it.) Thanks.

  6. Thanks for info about IE 7. As for faulty IE 6 rendering, I have confirmed it with other resolutions, other machines, and another page constructed with your template (http://web.onetel.com/~daviddenison/beerwalk/Beer Walk/). FYI, what happens is that a few rows, apparently at random, have gaps in them at the left: between 1 and 3 thumbnail slots empty, most often 3. No row is empty. Even the faulty rows have at least 1 thumbnail at the right. The sequence is complete – no thumbnails are actually missing – just empty space here and there. Everything else seems normal.

  7. [Sorry, not sure if previous submission went through.] Thanks for good news about IE 7. Faulty rendering on IE 6 has now been confirmed for other resolutions, other machines, and other pages created with your template, e.g. http://web.onetel.com/~daviddenison/beerwalk/Beer Walk/

    FYI, what happens on IE 6 is this. All the thumbnails are displayed, and in the right order, but a few rows have gaps in them at the left. I haven’t figured out any system as to where the gaps occur. When it happens, usually three out of four slots are empty, sometimes two or one. I haven’t seen any completely empty rows. Everything else seems to work fine as with other browsers.

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