‘View in Firefox’ for IE

A nice little app to allow quick viewing in Firefox of pages you browse with IE. Was quoted in Fred Langa’s excellent newletter.
Note: I recently discovered FirefoxView, that does the same, but is better written (better error handling, etc.) and has the “Open link in Firefox” feature that was in my todo list.
Making it a Firefox extension makes sense, too (except that if you uninstall Firefox, ghost registry entries will remain, but the case is pretty unlikely if you installed this exension :).
In conclusion, I advise you to use FirefoxView rather than ‘View in Firefox’ for IE. I’ll probably discontinue further development of ‘View in Firefox’ for IE, unless someone begs me to. 🙂

Edit 2006-02-28: IE Tab is even smarter than FirefoxView. Check it out!

Edit 2007-02-26: Tried to build the equivalent that calls Opera instead of FF. I didn’t test it so View in Opera for IE v0.1please do and report.

Version anglaise uniquement, désolé.

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