I want my Zooomr free pro account

You may know Zooomr (description on Wikipedia), which is a cool alternative to flickr. Same kind of cool ajaxified interface, but with internationalisation already in place. These fine folk offer free pro accounts with 4Gb of storage, unlimited photos. One condition: host one picture on your account, then blog about it. I want a pro account, so I thought I could at least post a useful picture:


Dell laptop cable problemDell laptop cable problem Hosted on Zooomr

This shows what happens to Dell laptops U-shaped AC adapter cables after 18 months of use… This is to me clearly the result of a wrong product conception; so, as I have a 3-year next-day guarantee, I called Dell’s support in order to get a new cable. Unsurprisingly, they tried to convince me that, as I did not buy their “complete care” insurance, they wouldn’t exchange it. This “complete care” thingie is basically an insurance that covers accidents, even if caused by you (they promoted it with a picture of a spilled coffe cup on a laptop).
After a little struggling, they accepted to exchange it “exceptionally”. Sure, next time too hopefully. 🙂

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