Bored of freedb’s woes ? Here’s a cure !

Today, I’ll share one of the greatest secrets ever concealed. It makes you able to

  • use the freedb lookup function in your cd ripper, while
  • avoiding freedb’s crappy (euphemism here) data
  • and using MusicBrainz‘ good quality data instead.

How that, you ask ? Well, as per

The mb2cddb mb2freedb gateway […] can be accessed using the following settings:

via http
port 80
path /~cddb/cddb.cgi

It should be just a matter of changing the host and possibly the path, as the other settings are standard for most applications.


5 thoughts on “Bored of freedb’s woes ? Here’s a cure !

  1. Yes, this is well hidden since its running on a test server in someone’s house. 🙂 Once we have this running somewhere where it can handle more traffic we’ll make lots of noise about it!

  2. So for now, let’s leave the info on this obscure blog so that no one can find it… hey wait, how did *you* find this post only 8 hours after its creation? You’ve got a big radar. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I use it on some keywords too, but, wow… they index fast! Maybe they index blogs more frequently… and maybe they know mine is one to keep on close watch. 😉

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