undoclosetab for Firefox 1.5.0.*

undoclosetab by Dorando is a very cool extension that makes you able to recall a closed tab (obviously). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Firefox, out recently. So I repackaged the enhanced version by Turonah so that Firefox doesn’t cry.

Works for me. Try at own risk.

Download: undoclosetab 20060503.

Update, brought to you by davitof: Tab Mix Plus does the same, is Firefox 1.6 compatible, and has a wealth of other tab-related useful functions.

6 thoughts on “undoclosetab for Firefox 1.5.0.*

  1. > Unfortunately, it doesnโ€™t work for Firefox, out recently.
    Have you actually tried to install it from the home page (the second link you provided).

  2. Hello from MusicBrainz!

    Did you try Tab Mix Plus? Works on “1.0 – 1.6” (so says the Mozilla Extension page), offers user-defined level of unclose, plus tab history recovery, plus a lot of other tab-related features.

  3. Thanks. I wanted to leave a link too, but I wasn’t sure the “/1122” was stable. What more do I love in TMP? The close button on each tab, the session recovery I like testing unstable extensions but these tend to hang FF, so being able to recover a session after such an occasion is excellent for my nerves), the ability to change the tab’s color once you have viewed it’s contents… and lots of other things. Oh I almost forgot: TMP lets the user decide how things should run; this makes configuration a little cumbersome, but once you have set everything accordingly to your needs and whims… ๐Ÿ™‚

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