last.fmCode: Firefox extension to manage’s boards code easily

or, How I Got to Become a Firefox Extension Developer. 🙂

What’s that ?

Getting tired of typing [-a-r-t-i-s-t-] etc… on‘s journals & forums for the nth time, I quickly hacked another Firefox extension I was using, BBCodeXtra, to make last.fmCode.

It allows you select a type & select a string (“mll” for instance) and right-click>last.fmCode>User and you get “[user]mll[/user]”. Idem for an artist name, a tag name etc… You can play with the clipboard submenu too, and also the eXtra one.

I left the BBCode there, so bolding, making links, changing colors, etc. just need a few clicks.

Before you download

Warning: beta version yadda yadda (…) you’ve been warned, but it works for me.

An important bug remains, though, it often won’t work if BBCodeXtra is also installed, so please disable or uninstall it first. Now, if you Firefox wizards know what can be changed to avoid the conflict, pleaaaaase let me know in the comments – TIA !

To do

  • Fix bug quoted above (if really confirmed)

Terms of use

It is strictly forbidden to use this extension to make useless polls / lists that clutter artists pages, or you’ll get stuffed to death with melted useless lists.



You can contact me through my profile.


Changelog for versions 0.5 and later is there.


  • fixed: no more “no text in clipboard, please copy something first” when clipboard content unneeded (thanks nokie)
  • changed: changes for more torough -future?- localization
  • changed: [quote=”the_user”] doesn’t work on Changed it into [quote][b]Quoth [user]the_user[/user][/b]:\n
  • added: remove spaces before and after cliboard content and selected text


  • fixed: uncorrect MaxAppVer


  • added: strike
  • added: subscript
  • added: superscript
  • added: group (thanks spacefish for the info)
  • added: place (thanks spacefish for the info)


  • fixed: Album from clipboard
  • fixed: Track from clipboard
  • fixed: Make selection album (artist will be asked) did not work
  • fixed: Make selection track (artist will be asked) did not work (thanks Jon for the headsup)
  • fixed: Album wizard: album & artist switched (thanks Jon for the headsup)
  • fixed: Track wizard: track & artist switched (thanks Jon for the headsup)
  • fixed: options OK button not working (thanks Cal for the headsup)


  • first release

30 thoughts on “last.fmCode: Firefox extension to manage’s boards code easily

  1. The track option, use artist as selection, isn’t working at all, and the track wizard has the artist and track parts switched (I think). I entered Tool and Vicarious and got this: [track=Vicarious]Tool[/track]. Does that come out as “Tool – Vicarious”??

  2. Does the ‘OK’ button in the settings do anything? It does nothing on my computer. Good code though really nice looking might i add! great work.

  3. Yay ! Now on UMO. The reviewer sent this very encouraging word:

    A very handy extension. The only suggestion I have for improvement would be to include some more screenshots with your next release/update so that viewers will know what to expect from your extension. Thank you for your time and efforts in improving the usefulness and the appeal of Mozilla products, you are most appreciated! 🙂

    World domination is for very, very soon. 😛

  4. I was in Stone Age using BBcode without your script. Works very well !

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Added a wished feature: Have the contextual menu appear only when on the domain.

    Don’t know how to implement it for now, though.

  6. Hey, there. Wondered if you could add [*font=string][*/font] (where string is a font name) to a wizard on the extra > menu. I don’t see it there now and it seems like the only thing that’s missing!

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. In Firefox version, last.fmCode seems to work with BBCodeXtra installed and turned on. Not sure what the problem is. BTW, I didn’t change anything in the browser.

  8. Thanks for this extension! I used it as a base to create a similar extension for’s forum markup.


  9. Ìîé ïàðåíü ïèêàïåð, íî çà êàêèì åìó ýòî ÿ äî ñèõ ïîð íå ïîéìó. ß êðàñèâàÿ,
    ñîáëàçíèòåëüíàÿ (íó âñ¸ â ýòîì äóõå), à îí âñå ðàâíî ïîïåðñÿ íà òðåíèíã-ìàñòðå, ãäå ó÷àò ñîáëàçíÿòü :(.
    Ñêàæèòå ëþäè íà êàêîé õ.. åìó ýòî?

  10. MLL, do you think you could change the selection letter for last.fmCode to ‘f’ from ‘l’? The new version of firefox has a “languages” selection on the right-click menu, for which ‘l’ is the selection letter. That means that instead of just typing l-c-m, for instance, to insert a live link, you now have to type in l–c-m. If you switched the letter, one could just type f-c-m and save by not having to hit the enter key over and over again.

  11. Ehy thanks! I was just searching this extension 🙂

    I’d like a better logical menu organization…
    (uhm and what about removing the menu icon? 🙂

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