Some Greasemonkey scripts for

OK, I just took the time to try Greasemonkey, and it’s cool as I expected. I started fiddling whith some scripts downloaded at the -well made- central greasemonkey scripts repository, and made the following:

  1. with Google
  2. with Amazon
  3. with Allmusic
  4. titles with Google
  5. titles with Allmusic

You may download them on

I’m quite happy with them now (though Amazon clutters the charts a tad too much IMHO).

Many thanks to kepp for his help in tracking the glitches & providing solutions.

13 thoughts on “Some Greasemonkey scripts for

  1. I like the Google one, but it would be better if were just a “(G)” and not the whole word.

  2. Right. Ideally, I’d like to have the image of the blue G of the Google logo. Meanwhile, you can easily edit the file yourself and change line 68 like this:




  3. Great contribution! Thanks, I have copied and pasted these artist names to google very long time. I also made tiny modifications to adapt this script to my habbits (quotes for artist name, and open link in new tab) + one minor bug fix (url encoding for symbols like & and maybe couple of more).
    Maybe someone finds it useful, so I try to copy these lines now, but I don’t know how does it work here.

    newLink.setAttribute(“href”, “” + localeTLD + “/search?q=\”” + escape(artistName) + “\””);
    newLink.setAttribute(“target”, “_blank”);

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