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Flickr Gamma: much less flash

Yes, not only is Flickr’s brand new layout (tagged gamma, ah ah! they can spell in greek) much richer in functions yet easy to handle, but the new Organizr is flash-free!! 🙂
Yeah, pure DHAJAXTML 2.0, baby! Impressive.
Oui ! non seulement la toute nouvelle interface (libellée gamma, oh les hellénistes distingués !) est plus riche en fonctions tout en restant intuitif, mais le nouvel Organizr est sans flash !! 🙂
100% DHAJAXTML 2.0 pur ammoniaqué ! Impressionnant.

undoclosetab for Firefox 1.5.0.*

undoclosetab by Dorando is a very cool extension that makes you able to recall a closed tab (obviously). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Firefox, out recently. So I repackaged the enhanced version by Turonah so that Firefox doesn’t cry.

Works for me. Try at own risk.

Download: undoclosetab 20060503.

Update, brought to you by davitof: Tab Mix Plus does the same, is Firefox 1.6 compatible, and has a wealth of other tab-related useful functions.

last.fmCode: Firefox extension to manage’s boards code easily

or, How I Got to Become a Firefox Extension Developer. 🙂

What’s that ?

Getting tired of typing [-a-r-t-i-s-t-] etc… on‘s journals & forums for the nth time, I quickly hacked another Firefox extension I was using, BBCodeXtra, to make last.fmCode.

It allows you select a type & select a string (“mll” for instance) and right-click>last.fmCode>User and you get “[user]mll[/user]”. Idem for an artist name, a tag name etc… You can play with the clipboard submenu too, and also the eXtra one.

I left the BBCode there, so bolding, making links, changing colors, etc. just need a few clicks.

Before you download

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Some Greasemonkey scripts for

OK, I just took the time to try Greasemonkey, and it’s cool as I expected. I started fiddling whith some scripts downloaded at the -well made- central greasemonkey scripts repository, and made the following:

  1. with Google
  2. with Amazon
  3. with Allmusic
  4. titles with Google
  5. titles with Allmusic

You may download them on

I’m quite happy with them now (though Amazon clutters the charts a tad too much IMHO).

Many thanks to kepp for his help in tracking the glitches & providing solutions.

Splee’s Fuzzy DateTime WordPress plugin in French

Splee’s Fuzzy DateTime WordPress plugin is cool, but even if it’s configurable, I suits only english wording, and I wanted it in french; so I adapted the code and here’s the result.

The plugin is now hosted at Check it out :

Le plugin WordPress Fuzzy DateTime de Splee est cool, mais même s’il est configurable, il ne collait qu’à une syntaxe anglaise, et je le voulais en français; j’ai donc adapté le code, et voici le résultat.

Le plugin est désormais hébergé par Allez le voir :

Enjoy ! Profitez-en bien !

‘View in Firefox’ for IE

A nice little app to allow quick viewing in Firefox of pages you browse with IE. Was quoted in Fred Langa’s excellent newletter.
Note: I recently discovered FirefoxView, that does the same, but is better written (better error handling, etc.) and has the “Open link in Firefox” feature that was in my todo list.
Making it a Firefox extension makes sense, too (except that if you uninstall Firefox, ghost registry entries will remain, but the case is pretty unlikely if you installed this exension :).
In conclusion, I advise you to use FirefoxView rather than ‘View in Firefox’ for IE. I’ll probably discontinue further development of ‘View in Firefox’ for IE, unless someone begs me to. 🙂

Edit 2006-02-28: IE Tab is even smarter than FirefoxView. Check it out!

Edit 2007-02-26: Tried to build the equivalent that calls Opera instead of FF. I didn’t test it so View in Opera for IE v0.1please do and report.

Version anglaise uniquement, désolé.