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last.fmCode: Firefox extension to manage’s boards code easily

or, How I Got to Become a Firefox Extension Developer. 🙂

What’s that ?

Getting tired of typing [-a-r-t-i-s-t-] etc… on‘s journals & forums for the nth time, I quickly hacked another Firefox extension I was using, BBCodeXtra, to make last.fmCode.

It allows you select a type & select a string (“mll” for instance) and right-click>last.fmCode>User and you get “[user]mll[/user]”. Idem for an artist name, a tag name etc… You can play with the clipboard submenu too, and also the eXtra one.

I left the BBCode there, so bolding, making links, changing colors, etc. just need a few clicks.

Before you download

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Some Greasemonkey scripts for

OK, I just took the time to try Greasemonkey, and it’s cool as I expected. I started fiddling whith some scripts downloaded at the -well made- central greasemonkey scripts repository, and made the following:

  1. with Google
  2. with Amazon
  3. with Allmusic
  4. titles with Google
  5. titles with Allmusic

You may download them on

I’m quite happy with them now (though Amazon clutters the charts a tad too much IMHO).

Many thanks to kepp for his help in tracking the glitches & providing solutions.