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Mettre des photos de Picasa vers Flickr en 2 clics

C’est pas des blagues, la preuve par l’image :

Flickr button on Picasa

Comment faire ?

1. téléchargez et installez Picasa (of course !)

2. téléchargez Flickr Uploadr

3. installez Flickr Uploadr, puis prenez bien soin de le démarrer et de cliquer sur le bouton Connexion (pour vous authentifier auprès de Flickr)

4. quittez Picasa et Flickr Uploadr si ce n’est déjà fait

5. cliquez sur ce lien pour installer le bouton dans Picasa (merci, Picasa2Flickr 🙂 )

6. acceptez l’importation du bouton :

7. ajoutez le bouton Picasa2Flickr dans vos boutons actifs :

C’est fini ! Maintenant, à chaque fois que vous appuierez sur le bouton Send to Flickr Button in Picasa, cela ajoutera la(les) photo(s) dans la file d’attente de Flickr Uploadr, dans lequel vous n’aurez plus qu’à définir vos paramètres pour les photos (famille, amis, publique, tags etc.) et à cliquer sur le bouton

Comments temporarily closed

Because of a dumb policy of my host regarding spam in databases, I had to shut down the ability to comment on this site.
Not that a lot of people matter, I know. 🙂
I guess I’ll reopen comments when I have moved.
For the time being, I’m available on my profile.
A cause d’une règle stupide de mon hébergeur concernant la présence de spam dans les bases de données (plus d’infos), il a fallu que je ferme la possibilité de commenter sur ce site.
Non que beaucoup s’en soucient, je sais. 🙂
Je pense réouvrir les commentaires quand j’airai déménagé. Qui connaît des hébergeurs sympa / pratiques / pas chers ?
En attendant, je suis joignable sur mon profil

Virginia Tech massacre

Thank you guys. This is crazy that one of the most evolved countries in the world considers that guns can be sold that easily. Guns are not ordinary goods, for God’s sake! A retarded people going berzerk might kill or wound a person or two; give him(her) a gun, (s)he kills dozens. How many Columbines, Virginia Techs before things change?

There is a deep flaw somewhere.

I want my Zooomr free pro account

You may know Zooomr (description on Wikipedia), which is a cool alternative to flickr. Same kind of cool ajaxified interface, but with internationalisation already in place. These fine folk offer free pro accounts with 4Gb of storage, unlimited photos. One condition: host one picture on your account, then blog about it. I want a pro account, so I thought I could at least post a useful picture:


Dell laptop cable problemDell laptop cable problem Hosted on Zooomr

This shows what happens to Dell laptops U-shaped AC adapter cables after 18 months of use… This is to me clearly the result of a wrong product conception; so, as I have a 3-year next-day guarantee, I called Dell’s support in order to get a new cable. Unsurprisingly, they tried to convince me that, as I did not buy their “complete care” insurance, they wouldn’t exchange it. This “complete care” thingie is basically an insurance that covers accidents, even if caused by you (they promoted it with a picture of a spilled coffe cup on a laptop).
After a little struggling, they accepted to exchange it “exceptionally”. Sure, next time too hopefully. 🙂


Some weird, scary recipe:

What will step 3 be?

Thank you, Dubya. Can you spell miserable failure, again ?

Update: I’m so happy the Republicans lost the midterm elections, I hope that will help fix Bush’s mess. Maybe…

P.S.: I know no one will read this, but that makes me feel better… 🙂